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MMMM Koshary

A blog I read, Living in Egypt, recently linked to a satirical news site in Egypt called El Koshary Today. Sort of an Egyptian “The Onion”. Most of it won’t really be amusing or enlightening unless you have spent time in Egypt. But it is a pretty good chuckle anyway. Man I would love a [...]

Will the last one out please turn out the lights..

We just heard that another set of friends from AUC are moving on up. They are relocating to Dubai. Another couple has moved to Oslo. Another couple has moved to Portland (OR). Another friend relocated to the SF Bay area. This is all since we left in August. Of our “cohort” (which is the group [...]

AUC Professor mentioned in police blotter in Seattle’s alternative newspaper

“The Stranger” weekly alternative newspaper in Seattle has a slightly….. artistic (autistic?) bent to it, as is to be expected (and encouraged) in an alternative newspaper. They have a regular feature that retells selected entries from the police blotter. Last week’s entry made me think of Cairo for 2 reasons: FIRE! (which will only make [...]

Do’s, don’ts and don’t-have-tos

Re-acclimating to Settle brings with it a bunch of do’s, don’ts and don’t-have-tos, big and small. Do’s: OBEY RED LIGHTS. My god, what a waste of time to sit there waiting for the light to change. Use the sidewalks. Ay da? Carry my own groceries. How barbaric. Don’t Don’t cross the street in the middle, [...]

“He was like ‘OMG! WTF?’ and I was all ‘what–ever!’”

One of the nice things about living in Egypt is that I couldn’t understand the myriad of inane conversations that surrounded me. Even when I learned the tiniest bit of Arabic, it was easy to tune out any meaning from the babble around me. I could imagine that the people around me were discussing poetry, [...]

You may not be able to go home again, but there are some exceptions…

We had lunch the other day at our favorite lunch spot, Salumi. We have been going there for years. It was one of the last places we dined before leaving for Cairo. Numerous friends that came to visit us in Cairo stopped at Salumi and picked up a few sticks of salami to bring us. [...]

I vant to be alone

The hardest thing about being back for me right now is I that get no “jack time”. I am used to working out of our apartment. I would have anywhere from 6 to 10 hours/day of quality time with myself. Now, I am back in a cube farm. Lots of noise, random conversations. Today was [...]

Oh… Canada?

For the last three years, it has been interesting to tell people that asked (in Egypt and elsewhere we have traveled) that we are from the USA. We have received a lot of America good, Bush bad. And then Obama won and it was Obama good man, muslim! So that was fun. Now traveling, the [...]

In Socialist Viet Nam, post office mails you!

So we have purchased some stuff to take home. Tshirts, small wall textiles, and some clothes we had made in Hoi An. It was approx 7.5 kilos in weight. So we had a dialog with the nice folks at the front desk of our hotel: Is the post office open today? (it is saturday) Yes [...]

Half way home

We are about half way through our vacation. It has been a lot of fun and challenges. The challenges revolve around the weather. It has been very warm and humid. The heat we are used to. It is hotter on a regular basis in Cairo, but this humidity it a killer. The worst yet was [...]

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