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I finally dug a hole

Back in august I wrote about a broken circle. I finally dug a hole. He is resting in the back yard, in a sunny spot in view of the bird feeders. I will have to get an appropriate plant or perhaps statuary.

The Circle is broken. Goodbye little man.

Almost exactly 8 (!) years ago I posted about giving up the cats so we could travel to Cairo. And then 3 years ago I posted about getting Roscoe back. Today he leaves us permanently. The vet will be here shortly to help usher Roscoe P. Coltrain over the rainbow bridge. I keep [...]

Closing a circle

It was seems like a lifetime ago, I posted this. The woman who took our cats when we went to Cairo, recently moved back to the east cost. Roscoe was up for adoption again. The woman wanted us to just house sit him long enough for her to get settled. But there was no way [...]

Not in Cairo anymore…

Another one of those reminders about how different things are here. Not always better, not always worse, just different. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled. The nice lady behind the counter checked and they did not have the item I required. She offered to phone the pharmacy across the street [...]

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