Kaddee’s Cairo Chronicles

April 29, 2006

And so it begins…

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“What a difference a day makes…” Billie Holiday

That seems to sum up the maelstrom that has taken over my life, and, by extension, the life of my very adaptable partner, Jack. In November 2005, I decided to send an application to the American University in Cairo for a visiting professorship that they were advertising. I knew I had the skills, the degree and the desire to do it, but figured that 7 years in the community college system would eliminate me as a viable candidate. I was wrong.

Nearly 2.5 months after I sent the application (and gave up on it), I received an e-mail offer of an interview in NYC. I returned from the interview excited and confident, only to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. I had completely given up on the prospect of going to Cairo when I got another e-mail. This one offered me the position – 2 years visiting at AUC! HOLY MOLEY!! I never figured I would get the job, let alone have them offer a 2 year position. Jack and I discussed it endlessly, and I accepted the position. :)

So, after 10 years together, 9 years in Seattle, 7 years (for me) at Highline Community College, we are packing up to go to Cairo for 2 years. This move involves all the stresses of (1) a new job, (2) a major move, (3) a new culture and (4) getting married! Yes, it is true. The couple that figured they would always be together but never marry, is getting married! In order for Jack to come with me to Egypt, we must be married.

So that is where we are right now. I am finishing up Spring quarter at Highline, we are getting married on June 9th, we will leave for Egypt in early August. WOW there is a lot to do. The progress of the preparations and the experiences in Cairo will be loosly chronicled here. Mostly this will be a place to check out what is going on, keep in touch, laugh at and vicariously experience our pains and joys. Insh’allah.