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June 25, 2006

Ups and downs

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One week, two mammograms, three cheers – NO Problems!!

Yeah – had my first ever mammo last Thursday, only to get a call on Tuesday saying that there was a “Dense Spot” that they needed to look at. Sweated for two days until they could get me in. Turns out it is just some remnant scar tissue from years ago, but since this was my first mammo, they needed to figure out what was “normal” for me.

In the midst of packing, sorting and organizing, the prospect of ANY health issues was unwelcome. So a clean bill of health was a celebrated event (perhaps TOO celebrated- but that is another matter all together). So Friday it was back to packing, sorting and getting furniture ready to go to its new houses. People have been quickly picking up our Stuff from the “For Sale Page”. If y’all are still looking for stuff, keep checking back, as I’m photographing and Jack is adding stuff ALL THE TIME.

So life resumes its chaotic pace, without major health complications! I suppose I’m living in interesting times. ;)

June 14, 2006

Blessed be…

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“…it’s incredible,
that someone so unforgettable,
thinks that I am
unforgettable, too.”

Truly, I realized this weekend, how interconnected lives are. I have always had friends. I’ve always been delighted to share in their life events – both happy and sad. This weekend, I had that returned to me ten-fold!

Friday night, Jack and I got married on the beach. It was very intimate, beautiful and joyous.  We shared the event with our born and “chosen” nuclear families.  Saturday we relived the joy with friends.

I cannot believe the incredible outpouring of love and happiness that was given so freely to Jack and I. We are unbelievably lucky and thankful to have the friends that we have.  Our lives are much richer for the friends that we have.

Thank you all for a wonderful time, and for great adventures to come.