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November 26, 2007

Fast Forward

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I know….

I have been really bad about keeping up to date on the blog lately. I’ve got pictures and stuff and thoughts, but they just aren’t getting posted. I could give everyone the song and dance, or just shut up and get on with it. So… rather than keep a bunch of stuff until I get a round tuit, here are some quick web pages of recent (AHEM – within the last 3 months) adventures, trips, things.

  • MotoGP photos – compilation
    • This is a LARGE collection of the GP pics from Brno – many of which you have seen/can see in the posts about Brno
  • Vienna - after Brno, we spent a week in Vienna, relaxing and taking in the sites and culture
  • Visitor from the States – who just “happened to stop by” at the end of the summer holidays.
  • Cairo sites and tours – we went to the Nilometer with an AUC trip. No kidding this is how the impending crop (and therefore taxes) were assessed! Things were so much easier then…
  • Eid in Beirut – this was spectacular! The city is beautiful, cosmopolitan, on the Med, what more could one ask for? Oh yeah, lack of things blowing up! But we managed 5 days with no “adventures”, just beautiful sights, food, wine and relaxation.

I have no words – but a lot of thoughts that need to get out. I had to break this logjam before I could get to the rest. Thanks for understanding