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July 24, 2009

Career opps – $0.25 at a time

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Jack always says: “If something (I say) can be taken more than one way, I mean it in the best possible way it can be taken.”

If that is to be taken further, I should be pleased??!!

Phnom Penh -

No sh*t, there I was…..  We were in a pub called “Walkabout”.  Not a bad place, cheap beers, pool tables and all the women in the place (myself excepted) were “free-lance” working girls.

What does this mean????  They are not in-service to the pub.  They pay the pub nothing, the pub just lets them be there, play free pool, and drink water – the rest is up to the guys who come looking for them.  The men buy drinks and food for themselves and the girl(s) of their choice.

So…we stopped into this place on the recommendation of a Phnom Penh local and new acquaintance.  It was “Joker Night” – basically a drawing with even cheaper beer – good way to pack the place!

We’d just finished dinner, and Jack was feeling overstuffed from the great food.  We had ordered a couple of beers, found a seat at the bar when Jack excused himself to get some air.  Mish mushkela – I sat at the bar, chatted with the bartenders and watched the spectacle of girls and Johns.

The girls found me to be quite a spectacle too.  I was the only non-Asian, non-working girl in the entire place.  Mish mushkela.  As I sat and sipped my beer an older (perhaps mid-50′s to early 60′s) gent stood next to me at the bar to order a drink.  [cue the music, maestro]

This “gent” (who looked something like a cross between WC Fields and Archie Bunker) mumbled something to me that I didn’t catch.  I smiled and returned to my beer.

“Gent” said something again.  I ignored it and asked the bartender something inane to start a conversation.

“Gent” said something to the girl standing on the other side of me that caused her to fairly vibrate with excitement.  As she  bounced up and down, she leans to me and:

  • points to “gent”
  • points to me
  • points to her
  • makes a triangle/circular shape in between the three of us
  • lines her two index fingers together, separates them, puts them together, separates them, puts them together

Go ahead – try the motions…. I’ll wait…..

What do YOU make of it???

Yup – she was telling me that “gent” wanted a three-way with her and me!  LOL!!

The funny thing is, I wasn’t flustered, I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t angry – I just flat out said, “NO.”  Not harsh, just “NO”.

She burst out laughing and repeated my “NO” and “gent” skulked/sulked out  onto the patio.

I was still chuckling about this when my gallantly protective (NOT) husband returned and asked me what I was laughing about.  I recounted the story – punctuated by the girl waking behind him, giggling and saying “NO” – and what does my hubby do?????  Bursts out laughing.  Thanks!!

July 14, 2009

Thailand – better late than never

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HERE are some photos from Chiang Mai.  We didn’t do ANYTHING in Bangkok, so there are no photos from there.


Still working on photos from…Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An….

Still taking photos in Saigon.

More to come.

July 1, 2009

Headed to Vietnam

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After 6 days in Thailand, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we are now sitting in the airport waiting for our (delayed)  flight to Hanoi.

Bangkok was fun, relaxing, it poured rain one night, and we ate ourselves silly.  Chiang Mai was much the same – mostly eating and sleeping, some shopping and a lovely spa treatment for me!

Pics to come.