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February 28, 2009

More Bassily…

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Another installment of the vissicitudes that mark the use of Bassily Hall.  This time I must laugh heartily at myself.

In the last writing, I was bemoaning the lack of equipment in the hall and then expressed my great relief that it was “worked out” in the Wednesday lecture.

So, in I walk for the next Monday lecture (23Feb) and what do I see????  A slightly larger portable screen and desktop projector set up – AGAIN.

ARRGH – where is the large screen?  Where is the big projector?  Why were these things worked out for last Wednesday and we are back to square 1 on Monday????

Long story short – The large screen that “magically” appeared last Wednesday was NOT FOR US.  The university technology people were setting up early for a Thursday lecture and we walked in and co-opted the set up!

LOL – we, apparently, confused the living daylights out of the tech guys when we walked in, took over the hall, the equipment and the sound, and shooed them away.  They had NO IDEA that the hall was reserved and thought that we were all insane.  :)

Now, after 2 weeks of lectures in Bassily Hall, we (supposedly) have the situation figured out.  We are: (1) renting the sound equipment from an outside, 3rd party company, (2) being provided the projection equipment (screen and projector) by university technologies and (3) using the laptop from the Center for Learning and Teaching because it has the lecture capture software on it.

Easy – right?  :)

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  1. At least you’re having fun.

    Comment by Martin — April 6, 2009 @ 6:38 am

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