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June 13, 2009


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I thought I’d managed to make it thru all stages to “Acceptance” – I was wrong.

Maybe it is just cabin-fever.

Maybe it is PMS.

Maybe it is the fact that this “quarantine” is a joke – as the students are congregating in large groups, the dorm sponsored a “dance party” the other night where everyone was invited to get together for snacks and soda on the roof terrace, and there has been no “re-testing” of any of the residents to see if this extended incarceration is even NECESSARY.

Or maybe it is the complete idiocy of this entire event.  The students who precipitated this lockdown – 2 on Sunday the 7th and 5 more on Monday the 8th – have been hospitalized, treated  AND RELEASED while the rest of us rot in quarantine.  So the infected individuals are out on the street, able to move about freely, and those who ALL tested negative are still locked up.  WTF.


  1. I am pulling for you sista! Wonder if AUC has done something to piss off the Egyptian government? Makes NO sense to quarantine those who are not infected and release those who were infected but have been treated…….another wtf moment in Cairo!

    Counting down on your behalf and hoping these next few hours FLY by!


    Comment by Jonelle — June 13, 2009 @ 7:14 pm

  2. The former sickes are free and you guys are stuck in prison. That sucks!

    Hubby and i were wondering about retesting earlier. I guess this answers that question. Totally nuts!!

    Comment by Typ0 — June 13, 2009 @ 10:33 pm

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