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February 20, 2011

Winter Fun

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for a good cause.

On February 12th 2011, for reasons I can’t fully recall, I participated in a fund-raising event at Stevens Pass.  When I say, “I can’t fully recall”, what I really mean is that I do not know what possessed me to register for this event.  I remember *when* I learned about the event and decided that it would be fun to do.  That would be when gozi and I went to the Mountaineers Demo Days event in January.  Tubbs, Atlas, MSR and a few others were giving FREE demos of different makes and models of snowshoes at the Mountaineers campus at Snoqualmie Pass.  We went up to try out different shoes, and “Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer” had a tent with flyers and information.  I *still* am unclear as to WHY I decided to register, but… I did.

Less than a month later, I was registered and raising money for the event.

In the end, I raised $745 (My “goal” was $500 – which I *thought* was pretty optimistic!) and kicked my own butt for the 5k  course.  For a brief look into the event, check THIS out.  I was AMAZED at how FAR 5k was on snowshoes, but I have to admit, I’m already planning on doing it again next year!

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