I finally dug a hole

Posted on Wednesday 4 March 2015

Back in august I wrote about a broken circle.

I finally dug a hole. He is resting in the back yard, in a sunny spot in view of the bird feeders.

I will have to get an appropriate plant or perhaps statuary.

Jack @ 5:06 pm
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The Circle is broken. Goodbye little man.

Posted on Friday 1 August 2014

Almost exactly 8 (!) years ago I posted about giving up the cats so we could travel to Cairo.


And then 3 years ago I posted about getting Roscoe back.


Today he leaves us permanently.

The vet will be here shortly to help usher Roscoe P. Coltrain over the rainbow bridge.

I keep telling myself he had a great run.

He was found 17 years ago, an abandoned feral kitten, too small to even lick milk from a bowl.

He was bottle fed until he figured out the whole eating on his own thing.

He has had several brushes with illness and always managed to dodge the bullet.

This time there were too many bullets.

I am going to miss the little bastard terribly. Going to the bathroom will never be the same.

Goodbye little man.

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Posted on Wednesday 30 May 2012

I have been following the elections in Egypt semi-closely.

I have read 2 comments that gave me pause. I wanted to share them.

The first was from a friend of a friend. She was riding in a taxi. Apparently, it is very common to have a taxi driver ask
“Who are you voting for” during the ride.
This woman had, to her, a surprisingly in depth and intelligent conversation about the issues with the taxi driver.

The taxi driver could tell that she was surprised by his insights. He replied:

I maybe illiterate, but I am not stupid.

Another was a tweet from a woman working in a polling station. The woman was wearing a veil on her face. When asked which candidate she was casting her vote for, she replied: Sabahi.

The poller was surprised that the woman in the veil was not voting for one of the Islamist candidates and said so.

The woman replied:

The veil is upon my face, not my mind.

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Closing a circle

Posted on Tuesday 18 October 2011

It was seems like a lifetime ago, I posted this.

The woman who took our cats when we went to Cairo, recently moved back to the east cost. Roscoe was up for adoption again. The woman wanted us to just house sit him long enough for her to get settled. But there was no way we (cough I cough) could take him back and give him up again.

So he came “home” to end his days with us. He is 15 or so years old now. He was a feral kitten that was abandoned and not even weaned when KD found him.

He has far outlived his expected life span. But he is ours again.

And even though he prefers The Good Doctor’s lap, I no longer go to the bathroom alone.

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The truth can finally be told…

Posted on Thursday 3 March 2011

Dr. Hawass has resigned as the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

He is the unnamed person of



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Where am I getting my info?

Posted on Monday 31 January 2011

Some people are asking where I am getting my info.

Twitter. Easiest way is to look for me as bigjackt and then follow who I am following. (I dont retweet everything)




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Bless his heart..

Posted on Wednesday 18 August 2010

Another lesson I learned while in Cairo came from an American Ex-pat from “the south”. (Atlanta area I believe).

Apparently in her culture, you can say just about anything negative about some one as long as you preface it or follow up with “bless his|her|their heart(s)”.

He is dumber than a box of hair, bless his heart.

Bless her heart, but isn’t she just a tramp?

Invaluable code really. The Good Doctor and I have just shortened it to

Bless his/her heart

when we want to express some negative thoughts about someone.

Veerrrrry handy.

Jack @ 10:12 am
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Happy Anniversary

Posted on Friday 13 August 2010

So it has been 1 year since we returned to he good ole USA.

Life continues. We miss some friends. We miss some of the travel. We miss some of the weather. We don’t miss the pollution (noise or air). We don’t miss the insane traffic. We miss the level of comfort our incomes gave us in Egypt.

We miss meeting some really “interesting” ex-pats.

I am apparently still good at pointless rambling though..

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Where to?

Posted on Thursday 10 June 2010

We are trying to plan a short vacation (1 week or so) on the cheap.
Work is crazy busy, so getting away for longer is hard.

2 (or so) years ago we had a vacation coming up and I wanted to be able to
see where we could travel to for about $X from Cairo.

I wanted a tool that would let me put in a departure point and enter in an amount and have it give me a list of fares.

There was nothing like that at the time.

There is now.


Fun to play with

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Yeah, kinda like that…

Posted on Sunday 28 March 2010

A quote from a book I read recently titled:

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

“The foreigners one meets tend to live life in a vivid and eccentric sort of way, and when you listen to their tales of high adventure in the South Seas, you find that you are subsequently ruined from a conversational point of view, that you can no longer even pretend to be remotely interested in someone’s trip to the mall, or their thoughts about the stock market, or their opinions about the relative merit of a football player, and soon you will be branded as aloof, simply because once, on a faraway island, you heard some pretty good stories.”

Jack @ 8:50 pm
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