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I finally dug a hole

Back in august I wrote about a broken circle. I finally dug a hole. He is resting in the back yard, in a sunny spot in view of the bird feeders. I will have to get an appropriate plant or perhaps statuary.

The truth can finally be told…

Dr. Hawass has resigned as the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. He is the unnamed person of Snork.

Where am I getting my info?

Some people are asking where I am getting my info. Twitter. Easiest way is to look for me as bigjackt and then follow who I am following. (I dont retweet everything) Facebook:!/!/pages/Operation-Egypt/185645434794129

Bless his heart..

Another lesson I learned while in Cairo came from an American Ex-pat from “the south”. (Atlanta area I believe). Apparently in her culture, you can say just about anything negative about some one as long as you preface it or follow up with “bless his|her|their heart(s)”. He is dumber than a box of hair, bless [...]

Happy Anniversary

So it has been 1 year since we returned to he good ole USA. Life continues. We miss some friends. We miss some of the travel. We miss some of the weather. We don’t miss the pollution (noise or air). We don’t miss the insane traffic. We miss the level of comfort our incomes gave [...]

Where to?

We are trying to plan a short vacation (1 week or so) on the cheap. Work is crazy busy, so getting away for longer is hard. 2 (or so) years ago we had a vacation coming up and I wanted to be able to see where we could travel to for about $X from Cairo. [...]

Yeah, kinda like that…

A quote from a book I read recently titled: The Sex Lives of Cannibals “The foreigners one meets tend to live life in a vivid and eccentric sort of way, and when you listen to their tales of high adventure in the South Seas, you find that you are subsequently ruined from a conversational point [...]

El Koshary

Stolen from another blog I read, Egypt’s version of “The Onion”. El Koshary


Tonight I get on a plane to NYC. This is the first time I have flown domestically in 3+ years. And it is the first flight since we arrived back in the US in July. …. that is 5 months since our last flight. In 3 years in Egypt I am pretty sure we never [...]

Fascinating vs Charming

A friend of ours states that the equation for a successful social gatheringĀ  involves the correct ratio of “fascinating” people to “charming” people. Fascinating people are the folks that have great stories and love to tell them. Charming people are the folks that listen, with pithy commentary such as “oooh. really?”, “that’s hilarious” and the [...]

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