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So, does she leave it on, you know, “all the time”?

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This post deals with some, uh, indelicate issues. If you don’t want to read it, don’t.

no kingly hand loving for you!

I am going to try to do this justice, but it was a surreal visual thing, so I am not optmistic. But here goes. At the end of the first day in Marrakech, we retired to our hotel. There was a TeeVee in the room. As i almost always do in hotel rooms, I turn [...]

Can you imagine?

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6 October is a big national holiday in Egypt. It celebrates the victory of Egypt over Israel in reclaiming the Sinai. There really isn’t anything equivalent in the US. It isn’t as big as say, July 4th, but it is certainly bigger than V-E day or Veterans day or anything like that. So, this year [...]

Small money…

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“Mafiish fakka” = “I have no change” Nobody here has change. Giving anything as “large” as a 20 pound note (for, say, an LE8 purchase) brings the question, “fiih fakka”. (Do you have change?) When answered in the negative, there is much sighing and eye-rollling. Today I wanted to buy a small bottle of water. [...]

Mafiish Ma!assh

( WTF )

(That is as close as I can come to the phonetic spelling. The “!” is a glottal stop.) If you ever move to Egypt, bring passport style photos with you. Lots of them. We had 6 taken, each. Those were gone by the 2nd day. We went to a photo shop to have more taken [...]

Not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Stuff like this is the reason my little point and shoot canon lives in a pouch on my belt. The guy was selling misc “stuff”, sitting on a street corner near Midaan Tahrir (Independence Square). One of the busiest places in Cairo. Across the square from the big Egyptian History Museum, Nile Hilton and other [...]

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