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I have been following the elections in Egypt semi-closely. I have read 2 comments that gave me pause. I wanted to share them. The first was from a friend of a friend. She was riding in a taxi. Apparently, it is very common to have a taxi driver ask “Who are you voting for” during [...]


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I hear some vague hints on the intertubes about some sort of election for “leader of the free world”. (and I have always wondered: how much of the world is free? and is it “free from ..” or “free of ..” and what is it free from/of, exactly?) But I had to dig for any [...]

My heart’s not in it.

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I have some photos from our trip to Beirut that I wanted to post. And maybe talk a bit about our (too few) days there. But today, the president of Lebanon has called in the army to “keep the peace.” Today is supposed to be the last day of his term. But the parliament has [...]

Egypt Today

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For an enlightening read on Egyptian politics, take a look here.

Americans beautiful!

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We were riding in a taxi yesterday going to the big bazaar. Everyone here asks “where you from”. If it is just someone on the street, you can be sure he is trying to start a conversation so he can drag you into his store. We got dragged into a perfume shop this way. Live [...]

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