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I like monkeys

We just got back from Zanzibar and I posted a couple of photos on my facebook page. Those monkeys crack me up.

Some Bangkok photos

A small page with a handful of our photos from Bangkok. We did something different on this trip. Normally we each have an SLR. This trip we shared one SLR. So some of these are mine, some of these are Kaddee’s. The Wat Arun photos are definitely Kaddee’s photos. The rest, who knows.

Photos from Paris

Yeah, it has only been a month and a half. It is hard to find time to process the photos. Here are a dozen or so of my favorites.

I’m going to Memphis, Memphis….

About a month ago, we had the great privilege to attend a tour of Sakarra and Memphis with Dr Alain Zivie. Dr Zivie has been digging in Sakarra for a very long time. He has made many notable discoveries including a mummified lion and the tomb of the wetnurse to Tutankhamen and is featured in [...]

Jazz at the Sphinx

About a month ago, we were lucky enough to score tickets to a concert. The concert was by the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra. Who knew the Smithsonian even had a jazz ochestra? It was a pleasant 2 hours spent sitting in front of the Sphinx. They played some classics. Everyone, both the audience and the [...]

The Temple of Edfu.

We hit this temple just after sunset. It is fairly well lit. I have a couple of photos I like here.

The Locks at Esna

On our trip down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan we sailed through the locks at Esna. I think the locks are cool. Here are just a very small handful of photos. [And by overwhelming demand of my loyal readers, we are back to using Picasa for photo webpages]

Medinat Habu photos

A set from Medinat Habu. This temple is interesting for a couple of reasons. it is not heavily visited. No crowds! It is very well preserved. The colors on some of the carvings are still intact and then are pretty spectacular Trying another one of photoshops web formats. I can’t find one that lets me [...]

A few photos from our trip at Christmas to Luxor

I am trying something new. I am using the web page generator from PhotoShop to create a Flash based web page. Here it is. If you love it, hate it or tolerate it, let me know. Trying to decide if I will switch to a new presentation format or not. Thanks

Abu Simbel already?

Gee. Has it been 2 months since we were in Abu Simbel? And still no post. I slack, therefore I am. We went to Abu Simbel in “the convoy”. [They even had a bear in the air] For “safety” reasons, all tourists are required to ride in a convoy between Aswan and Abu Simbel. [Between [...]

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