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More fun with taxis! I go out to Giza 2 days a week. I do some volunteer computer-type-thingies for one of the Egyptology groups that work near the pyramids. From Zamalek, the easiest way to get there is by taxi. Getting a taxi to Giza is pretty easy. I flag down a taxi and tell [...]

A minor mystery solved


I have noticed, on several occasions a scene on the streets of Cairo, for which I had no explanation. [Well, ok. There are MANY scenes on the streets of Cairo for which I have no explanation. I am going to talk about just this one, for right now] The scene involves a man on bicycle. [...]

Yard Sale and Auction and privilege (again)

We live in “the hostel”. It has a floor of classrooms for Adult/Continuing ed classes, 5 floors of dorm rooms for students and 4 floors of apartments for faculty. At the end of every semester, the housing department puts up signs for people to make donations of clothing, or housewares or whatever that people want [...]

Keeping the lizard brain in check.


[there was a recent discussion on an email list I am on about fear. Here are my thoughts on it] Lee wrote: > I’ve called that the Zen of motorcycling. When I first started riding, > when something unexpected happened, I’d tighten up, which is nearly > always exactly the wrong thing to do. Eventually [...]

HO HO HO! Did I mention?


The Faculty Services Committee at AUC does lots of events all year for the faculty. They arrange tours to the pyramids, trips to Alexandria, museum visits etc. They also have a Christmas party for the childrens every year. The regular Santa Claus is a member of the committee. Well this year, he had to fly [...]

See Jack. See Jack drive. See Jack have nervous breakdown…


I know I have posted about cars and the traffic here and how it is rather chaotic. Well events have conspired against me and I had to drive today. I needed to get from Cairo to 6 October City. It is an “industrial zone” with some housing and business and what not. It is about [...]

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