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Closing a circle

It was seems like a lifetime ago, I posted this. The woman who took our cats when we went to Cairo, recently moved back to the east cost. Roscoe was up for adoption again. The woman wanted us to just house sit him long enough for her to get settled. But there was no way [...]

Gonna buy 5 copies for my mother!

It ain’t exactly Rolling Stone…. and we aren’t on the cover…. and it ain’t photos of us,but… Allow us to toot our own horns for a moment. So a friend of ours asked if we had any good pictures from our trip to Zanzibar. She was doing an article for “Horus” magazine, the on-board magazine [...]


More fun with taxis! I go out to Giza 2 days a week. I do some volunteer computer-type-thingies for one of the Egyptology groups that work near the pyramids. From Zamalek, the easiest way to get there is by taxi. Getting a taxi to Giza is pretty easy. I flag down a taxi and tell [...]


This happened quite some time ago, but I can find no post about it, so …. I am in a taxi downtown, sitting shotgun. We are winding our way through Midan Tahrir on our way north. This is one of the larger cluster f*cks traffic wise in this area. We are dodging buses, mini-buses, micro-buses, [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from Egypt

In one’s day to day life, it is easy for one (or at least this one) to bemoan the myriad slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Holiday’s like this are important touchstones to sit back and look at the big picture. As a dear departed friend once said: I am dry, warm and no one [...]

Kickin’ it.

I was reminded recently of jumping in a pile of leaves. This time of year, back where I grew up, was leaf kicking time. Didn’t matter how old I was, if there were leaves on the ground (in the gutter, on the sidewalk, in the park) I would have to walk through them and rustle [...]


It is that time of year again when we have the windows open. It is cool enough to not need the air conditioning. The breezes from the north are refreshing. Some days, the windows still have to be closed because of the smell of burning fields in the distance. It carries a looongg way and [...]

Fulfilling a promise

(not one of mine) A Egyptian Coptic friend of ours invited us to attend the baptism of his son Bishoy. We were delighted. He told us he would pick us up in his car and drive with us to where the bus would pick us up. A bus? It turns out he had arranged a [...]

Back in Cairo.

Refreshed and exhausted (both?) from a month in Dahab. Spent the time working, diving, swimming, getting my Advanced Open Water ™ and Enriched Air Diver(tm) certifications. I brought all my CatalunyaGP/Barcelone/Rome photos with me to Dahab. Ya know, in case I had spare time to edit photos and put up a webpage. Snork. As you [...]

Eating seasonally

One of the things that one learns to do here, is eat seasonally. Grab what is fresh and enjoy, for it may be gone tomorrow. It is May here in Cairo. (It is probably May elsewhere, as well) The days are almost hot, the nights are very comfortable and tomatoes are ripe and beautiful. And [...]

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