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Redux: The beginning of Goodbye

( Maudlin andPlanning )

About 3 years ago, I posted this It is happening again. We were in our favorite place in Egypt, Dahab last month. We were staying with our dear friends, Nina and Mikas, at their extremely cozy guest house, Dahab Coach House. We dive with Sinai Divers Backpackers and have loads of friends there: Pritesh, [...]

Elvis is leaving the building!

( Planning )

Well, we will powering down the WAP and tucking it into a suitcase and heading out for dinner. After dinner, we drop off the rental car and camp out at the airport for an OH:Dark:30 flight. We go to Philly for 90 minutes and a quick plane change, then off to Frankfurt (for an 8 [...]

Visitors to Cairo take note

( Planning )

I have read that visitors to Egypt are allowed to purchase 4 liters of alcohol duty free withing 48 hours of arrival. I have read conflicting reports on what one is allowed to bring along in personal baggage… There is a duty free shop in the airport and a few others in Cairo (and other [...]

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