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Race for the Plums

( The Prep )

We have in our front yard these two, rather entwined, plum trees. We planted them as itty bitty little sticks 6 years ago when we bought the house. They were a gift from one of Kaddee’s co-workers. Last year, much to our surprise we got many beautiful plums. They are small “italian plums”. Two bite, [...]

Travel Travails Part Tres

( The Prep )

We finally received our travel plans from AUC. (well, we received 1 set that had the incorrect dates. That was quickly resolved.) We depart the country Sunday, Aug 20th. We fly, British Airways, direct from Seattle to London. We then get to set a spell (6 hours) in Heathrow and arrive around 1AM in Cairo. [...]


( The Prep )

Same Job, Only Different, Announcement. I have been talking back and forth with my company since March, trying to come to some agreement that would allow me to continue to work for them while we are in Cairo. Well, today I had a meeting with my supervisor and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. It [...]

Question: Does craigslist attract EEDIOTS?

Or is it just the general population? Since we are leaving the country, we are selling a lot of “stuff”. Furniture, dishes, lamps, clothes, books, books, books. That kinda stuff. We have a web page up where we list items for sale, many of them with photos. I have a post on craigslist saying that [...]

Travel Travails Part Deux

( The Prep )

Well, based on the information we received about baggage restrictions, we have changed our travel plans. We have requested that AUC fly us to Cairo without a layover in Europe, which is kind of a bummer. Hopefully we will get a chance to spend some time in Europe after we arrive, either for Christmas break, [...]

Wedding Photos

Kaddee and I were married on Friday, June 9th. It was a small celebration with family and close friends. The larger celebration was on Saturday at our local, The Beveridge Place Pub. Big thanks to the proprietors, Gary and Terri, and our Beertendresses, Jennifer and Lorraine. They did a great job of making it seem [...]

Travel Travails

( The Prep )

AUC buys our tickets to Cairo. They say that we can make a stop over where ever we want, and we just pay the difference between the direct fare and the fare for our itinerary. Fair enough. We notified them that we wanted to stop over in Europe for 2 weeks. It is meant to [...]

750 lbs

( The Prep )

That is our unaccompanied air freight shipping allowance. It gets shipped to NYC, where it gets palletized and combined with other faculty members shipments, and then shipped on to Cairo I don’t know if that means it is 750lbs FULL STOP, or if that is all that AUC will pay for, and if we go [...]

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