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We’ve moved!

No big deal. We moved around the horseshoe from 904 to 901. The new apartment is larger, which is nice. But the real reason we moved was the noise. The bedroom in our old apartment, 904, abutted the elevator shaft. It was always noisy, but it has gotten much worse. We finally couldn’t take it [...]

apartment living

It has been a looonnng time since I lived in an apartment building. When I moved out of the last one in 1991, I swore I would never live in an apartment that had another apartment above it. Well, that stuck for 15 years.. the bad: noisy elevators the woman upstairs that walks around with [...]

Just a couple more quick snapshots

Nothing spectacular, but here ya go

48 Hours

We have been in country now for about 48 hours. Some random thoughts: we picked a great neighborhood: 2 good size grocery stores in easy walking distance (and they will carry your groceries home if you want for the equivalent of less than $1US) Lots of restaurants within walking distance. quick take out, good pizza, [...]


Departure: We left house around 1 am to head to SeaTac. We hung out there for 2 hours to wait for the counter to open, and then checked in. We flew First Class (using upgrades to “Envoy” class which is USAir’s business class. However, they don’t have First Class in the states, so we got [...]

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