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More stuff added to the forsale page.

I also slightly reorganized it. New stuffs for sale includes some furniture, kitchen appliance and a small tv/vcr combo and a dvd player. Take a look.

We gots stuffs for sales!

This is only the beginning…

Visitors to Cairo take note

I have read that visitors to Egypt are allowed to purchase 4 liters of alcohol duty free withing 48 hours of arrival. I have read conflicting reports on what one is allowed to bring along in personal baggage… There is a duty free shop in the airport and a few others in Cairo (and other [...]

750 lbs

That is our unaccompanied air freight shipping allowance. It gets shipped to NYC, where it gets palletized and combined with other faculty members shipments, and then shipped on to Cairo I don’t know if that means it is 750lbs FULL STOP, or if that is all that AUC will pay for, and if we go [...]

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