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Travel Travails Part Deux

Well, based on the information we received about baggage restrictions, we have changed our travel plans. We have requested that AUC fly us to Cairo without a layover in Europe, which is kind of a bummer. Hopefully we will get a chance to spend some time in Europe after we arrive, either for Christmas break, [...]

Wedding Photos

Kaddee and I were married on Friday, June 9th. It was a small celebration with family and close friends. The larger celebration was on Saturday at our local, The Beveridge Place Pub. Big thanks to the proprietors, Gary and Terri, and our Beertendresses, Jennifer and Lorraine. They did a great job of making it seem [...]

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles”

The above is a quote from Tim Cahill, a traveler and author. If it is true, then based on the friends that surrounded us this weekend while we celebrated our wedding, the journey here in Seattle has been wildly successful. We can only hope that our next journey can replicate even a fraction of that [...]

Ooops with the comments

I forgot that I had turned off email notifications when there were comments waiting for moderation. So, I did not realize I had a bunch of comments waiting to be approved before they showed up. I just figured I was so boring and inane that nobody bothered to comment on my posts. I will attempt [...]


Our lives have been “full” for some time now, between preparing for the move and preparing for the wedding, we haven’t had much time to stop and smell the roses. We have both been rather focused. Last night was the rehearsal for the wedding ceremony. It was Kaddee and I and the minister. We went [...]

Never sell a ducati^H^H^H^H^H^H”spare” laptop

As part of “the cleansing” for the cairo relocation, I sold a spare laptop that was lying around. Yesterday, the old laptop that I had been nursing along for the last year or 2 decided that it was lonely and didn’t want to play anymore. The video is getting worse and worse. It is currently [...]

Travel Travails

AUC buys our tickets to Cairo. They say that we can make a stop over where ever we want, and we just pay the difference between the direct fare and the fare for our itinerary. Fair enough. We notified them that we wanted to stop over in Europe for 2 weeks. It is meant to [...]

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