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Travel Travails Part Tres

We finally received our travel plans from AUC. (well, we received 1 set that had the incorrect dates. That was quickly resolved.) We depart the country Sunday, Aug 20th. We fly, British Airways, direct from Seattle to London. We then get to set a spell (6 hours) in Heathrow and arrive around 1AM in Cairo. [...]


Same Job, Only Different, Announcement. I have been talking back and forth with my company since March, trying to come to some agreement that would allow me to continue to work for them while we are in Cairo. Well, today I had a meeting with my supervisor and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. It [...]

Question: Does craigslist attract EEDIOTS?

Or is it just the general population? Since we are leaving the country, we are selling a lot of “stuff”. Furniture, dishes, lamps, clothes, books, books, books. That kinda stuff. We have a web page up where we list items for sale, many of them with photos. I have a post on craigslist saying that [...]

The Beginning of GoodBye

( Maudlin )

A few weeks ago, we attended a large gathering at a friends home in Vancouver(the original one). It is a yearly event that is held around the end of June. There is lots of food, drink and laughter. The party is on a Saturday night. Sunday morning is spent lounging about drinking coffee and laughing [...]

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