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Mafiish Ma!assh

( WTF )

(That is as close as I can come to the phonetic spelling. The “!” is a glottal stop.) If you ever move to Egypt, bring passport style photos with you. Lots of them. We had 6 taken, each. Those were gone by the 2nd day. We went to a photo shop to have more taken [...]

Not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Stuff like this is the reason my little point and shoot canon lives in a pouch on my belt. The guy was selling misc “stuff”, sitting on a street corner near Midaan Tahrir (Independence Square). One of the busiest places in Cairo. Across the square from the big Egyptian History Museum, Nile Hilton and other [...]

My morning view

When we leave the Hostel in the morning, this is the view I have. It is the Maraashly Church. It is a fairly important (read: affluent) Coptic Church. Friday night is wedding night. Things usually get started around 9PM and go till the wee hours. Luckily our building is built so that all the windows [...]

Water and young love.

Today was Friday. It is the start of the weekend and our first “day off” in that we didn’t have anything scheduled. We went for a walk. We went to the Flamenco Hotel for an overpriced (by Egyptian standards) buffet breakfast. Properly sated on beef bacon (1/2 thumb up) we went for a stroll along [...]

Just a couple more quick snapshots

Nothing spectacular, but here ya go

48 Hours

We have been in country now for about 48 hours. Some random thoughts: we picked a great neighborhood: 2 good size grocery stores in easy walking distance (and they will carry your groceries home if you want for the equivalent of less than $1US) Lots of restaurants within walking distance. quick take out, good pizza, [...]


Departure: We left house around 1 am to head to SeaTac. We hung out there for 2 hours to wait for the counter to open, and then checked in. We flew First Class (using upgrades to “Envoy” class which is USAir’s business class. However, they don’t have First Class in the states, so we got [...]

Elvis is leaving the building!

Well, we will powering down the WAP and tucking it into a suitcase and heading out for dinner. After dinner, we drop off the rental car and camp out at the airport for an OH:Dark:30 flight. We go to Philly for 90 minutes and a quick plane change, then off to Frankfurt (for an 8 [...]

Why am I out here?

Henry David Thoreau was jailed for refusing to pay taxes. He felt that taxes supported an unjust war (The Mexican-American War) and a government that, at the time, allowed slavery. While he was in jail, he was visited by a friend who asked: “Why are you in there?” Thoreau’s reply was “Why are you out [...]

Nothing left now…

Everything is packed (and re-packed). Tomorrow we get up, do one last load of laundry so that the sheets will be clean when we return and walk out the door. With nothing to-do lists to focus on, the reality of this whole adventure is finally sinking in: tomorrow we will be on our way to [...]

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