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Arabic numbers

I thought the west used arabic numbers. I was wrong. The numbers in arabic are represented by different symbols. Who knew? That would be ok, if they some of them didn’t look like the numbers used in the west. A “5″ is a “0″, a “6″ is a “7″ and a “7″ is a “V”, [...]

Small money…

( WTF )

“Mafiish fakka” = “I have no change” Nobody here has change. Giving anything as “large” as a 20 pound note (for, say, an LE8 purchase) brings the question, “fiih fakka”. (Do you have change?) When answered in the negative, there is much sighing and eye-rollling. Today I wanted to buy a small bottle of water. [...]


In the days before Ramadan, people buy lots of sweets and treats to have with their Iftar, which is the meal at the end of the day that breaks the Ramadan fast. One of these treats is dates. Traditional holds that the Prophet broke his fast each day with a date and water (or milk, [...]

A few misc photos

Nothing earth shattering, just a few that were on my camera.


We went to the pyramids today. It is an interesting experience. The pyramids (at giza) are on the outskirts of Cairo. About a half hour drive from downtown, depending on traffic. Cairo is in a canyon of sorts. Centuries of the Nile flooding and changing course has dug a canyon through the limestone. Cairo sits [...]

2 weeks.

A few years ago, the good doctor and I were travelling in Namibia and South Africa for a month or so. We stayed at a neat hostel, owned by a very nice couple. One night we were sitting around after dinner chatting with the owners and a n artist friend that lives near by, and [...]


Anyone who has been on the intrawebernets for any period of time has seen the nearly ubiquitous “teh”. It is everywhere. It is often used intentionally as a sign of… coolness? reverse chic? Anyway, Kaddee and I have been taking (Egyptian) Arabic lessons. These lessons are starting to include reading and writing arabic. One of [...]

I went to Oktoberfest!

The beer is very sad. (unless all you like is fizzy yellow lagers) The brands here are: Stella (not Stella Artois) Sakara Meister Heineken Except for the Heineken, all the brands have a couple different formulations, though for the most part, they taste identical to me. The Heineken is brewed here in Egypt under license. [...]

apartment living

It has been a looonnng time since I lived in an apartment building. When I moved out of the last one in 1991, I swore I would never live in an apartment that had another apartment above it. Well, that stuck for 15 years.. the bad: noisy elevators the woman upstairs that walks around with [...]


I haven’t really spoken about the taxis yet. Where to begin… They are all black and white, mostly black with white fenders. They usually have racks bolted to the top for luggage or boxes or goats. They are mostly Ladas, with some Fiats mixed in. I have no idea how old they are, but they [...]

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