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Morocco photos

Just finished culling and editing. Post to follow. (Eventually) Click here for photos

I had my moment.

There is a question asked in the ex-pat community here (and I assume elsewhere) that is: “when did you have/have you had your ‘moment’”. The “moment” is that instance in time when you realize: Holy Shit! I LIVE here! This is not a vacation. For some the moment induces some level of anxiety. For some [...]

Off to Morocco

Well, it is Sunday. The good doctor and I are off to Morocco for a few days. Casablanca and Marrakesh are on the agenda. No real plans. No network access for the next few days.

Fun with Taxis

Today, being Tuesday, I have an Arabic lesson at the AUC main campus. So, I go out to hail a taxi to get there. I begin the taxi hailing process: Stand in street, stick hand out into street, positioned at about 7:30. As the taxi slows down, yell in the window where you want to [...]

Accidental Iftar (The best laid plans and all that…)

So, we have made a list of places we want to see/visit. One of these is the Nilometer. It is on the sub-list of “stuff to do when you don’t want to spend all day touristing”. Short taxi ride, a hour tops at the site. Should be done by lunch time. Heh. We never made [...]

Ibn Tulun mosque and Gayer Anderson Museum

We toured the Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun and the Gayer Anderson Museum. It was nice trip. I learned quite a bit about mosques in general and this one in particular. My photos are here.

Mafeesh Fakka’

The above translates into “I have no change”. I know I have talked about “small money” and the process of getting change before, but it is a constant problem/annoyance. Anyway, the other day Kaddee and I went to the coffee bean shop to buy beans. They roast their own beans. We won’t talk about how [...]

No no! I didn’t mean it that way.

There is a comic that while talking about men and women said something to the effect: If there is more than one way you can take something I said, I meant the way that would make you happiest. Yesterday we went to the Ibn Tulun Mosque. It is not required, but is considered polite for [...]

Ramadan Photos

I took these on the first night of Ramadan. Hopefully I will have more after this weekend.

Can you imagine?

( WTF )

6 October is a big national holiday in Egypt. It celebrates the victory of Egypt over Israel in reclaiming the Sinai. There really isn’t anything equivalent in the US. It isn’t as big as say, July 4th, but it is certainly bigger than V-E day or Veterans day or anything like that. So, this year [...]

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