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I am as smart as a horse!

Arabic script is a difficult thing for a westerner to pick up later in life. (Well at least for this westerner). The alphabet looks like a bunch of squiggles with dots. And the only differentiator between some letters and others is how many dots and/or whether the dots are above or below the letter. So [...]

Morocco: Marrakesh

Another day, another bus. This time to Marrakesh. About 4 hours in the pouring rain, we slept. We had a rest stop about half way to Marrakesh for a “quick” bathroom break. They had an bakery there making bread in a stone oven. The tour agent informed the group that this rest stop sold pottery [...]

We’re back

Of course, all I have to do now is find time to write some content…

Server machine move

We are gonna be upgrading servers. This means that and may be MIA for a few days. We’ll be back as soon as possible. Cheers

Morocco: Rabat

We awoke the next morning and went downstairs for the breakfast in the hotel dining room. The food was interesting. Not a lot of protein. They had hard boiled eggs and 2 different kinds of crepes/pancakes. Lots of croissants, butter and jams, tolerable coffee and reconstitued juices. We chatted with some folks that went for [...]

Morocco: Casablanca

So, we arrive at our hotel. We are given a few hours to rest, change money and prepare for our afternoon touristing. Changing money: All the students and most of the other adults brought dollars or euros that needed to be exchanged. We found that odd. We just went to an ATM and withdrew money [...]

See Jack. See Jack drive. See Jack have nervous breakdown…


I know I have posted about cars and the traffic here and how it is rather chaotic. Well events have conspired against me and I had to drive today. I needed to get from Cairo to 6 October City. It is an “industrial zone” with some housing and business and what not. It is about [...]

The weekends are backwards

Friday is Sunday here. The day that most people go to services. Not everything is open, and what is open usually doesn’t open till after the noon prayers. That means that Saturday is the day to “get stuff done” That also means most of our tourist-ing is done on Saturday, which results in us being [...]

Morocco: Getting there

( Travel )

It seems that flights in and out of Cairo are at rather inconvenient times. Our flight to Morocco left at 00:35 on Monday morning. Apparently, this is quite normal. We were on a bus tour run by the Student Housing department and run by 2 of the RA’s from the dorms. They did a pretty [...]

An “photo essay” about leather tanning in Morocco on the BBC website

On the BBC website are some photos about the tanning process in Marrakesh. I have a pair of the yellow shoes using the martin-esque marigold leather that we bought there. This photo of mine looks alike it was taken from the opposite and of the same alley as this one from the BBC website. Kinda [...]

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