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HO HO HO! Did I mention?


The Faculty Services Committee at AUC does lots of events all year for the faculty. They arrange tours to the pyramids, trips to Alexandria, museum visits etc. They also have a Christmas party for the childrens every year. The regular Santa Claus is a member of the committee. Well this year, he had to fly [...]

White Desert Photos

I have a bunch of photos from our Thanksgiving trip to the White Desert. Some of them are up here. I will have a post or two eventually.

Elevator chaos.

Getting on an elevator here is interesting. First there is the physical nature of the elevators. Many of them are the old open cage style that is often retro-fitted in the middle of a curving staircase in an older building. Push the button and IF the previous user of the elevator remembered to close the [...]

Marrakech: Day 2

It was a pretty mellow day. We went to “the palace” museum. There are 2 palaces, we went to the ruins of the Badi Palace. That is where I got the photos of the storks starting here. From there, we walked through the old part of the city back to the Djemaa Fna, which is [...]

no kingly hand loving for you!

I am going to try to do this justice, but it was a surreal visual thing, so I am not optmistic. But here goes. At the end of the first day in Marrakech, we retired to our hotel. There was a TeeVee in the room. As i almost always do in hotel rooms, I turn [...]

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