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Observations of medical care here.

I have spent more time at doctor’s offices in the 5 months I have been than I have in 5 years in Seattle. Haven’t found anything seriously wrong yet, but we’ll keep looking! [I am not a hypochondriac ] Anyway: Prescription drugs They’re aren’t any. Well very few. With the exception of tranquilizing drugs, anything [...]

Perspectives change..

2 facts: 1. It is not possible to (legally) buy non-egyptian alcohol by the bottle in egypt except at duty free upon entry. I have only seen one non-egyptian produced beer here, ever. And that was Paulaner Weizen only available during Oktoberfest at the Marriott. [This isn't even a very good example of Weizens, btw] [...]

Keeping the lizard brain in check.


[there was a recent discussion on an email list I am on about fear. Here are my thoughts on it] Lee wrote: > I’ve called that the Zen of motorcycling. When I first started riding, > when something unexpected happened, I’d tighten up, which is nearly > always exactly the wrong thing to do. Eventually [...]

Just 1 degree out of focus

There are many times here when it feels like my world is just the smallest bit shifted from “reality”. The things one sees and the things one hears can be confusing. The language is one of those. The script is very different from western alphabets. Add to that the fact that often signs use a [...]

Oh yeah

About once a month of so, the power and water get shut off in the building we live in for a couple of hours. They flush the water pump and some other routine maintenance. They always put up a sign and they always schedule it for Friday. Though, about 3 out of 4 times, they [...]

I have been trying for nearly 6 months to get this shot

I either couldn’t get my camera out in time, or it would come out all blurry or the guy would turn a corner at the last minute. And this one still isn’t all that great.. There are probably hundreds of these fellows in Cairo. You see them on the busiest streets. They are bread delivery [...]

A Walk in the Park..

A few days ago, we decided to visit Al Azhar Mosque, and Al Azhar Park. They are “near” each other and near the Khan Al Khalili. We took a taxi to the Mosque. This is a rather important mosque, in that it is attached to the Al Azhar University. This is, basically, the head of [...]

They call me “baba”

[I know I am probably never gonna hear the end of this...] This is a culture that respects age. An older woman is shown a great deal of respect. An older man, even more so. When a group of people are together and deal with someone else outside the group, say a waiter or salesperson, [...]

[name snipped to avoid deportation] patted my wife’s ass

The good Doctor and I were at one of the many parties put on by one of the many ex-pats. There were some “famous” people there. Famous being a relative term: authors, egyptologists, entertainers. Anyway, there was one older gentleman there. He is rather well known in the world of Egyptology, but shall remain nameless. [...]

Obligatory “Gee I haven’t posted in a while” post

There are some universal constants. One of them seems to be that people fall behind in their blogs. It has been a busy time here, but not all that interesting. Just day to day life since we got back from the White Desert. Kaddee was wrapping up the semester. I have been working. Nothing exciting. [...]

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