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Off to Jordan

( Travel )

We are going to spend a few days in Jordan. We are flying to Amman, then busing/taxi-ing to Petra for 3 nights. Then off to a jeep/camel/hike trip in Wadi Rum for a couple of nights. Then the Dead Sea for a day or so. Then back to Amman for a day or so. So, [...]

An ordinary day

So today, I worked from the apartment as usual. Then I hoofed over to Mohandaseen for a talk at the Egyptian Exploration Society held at the British Council entitled Old Kingdom Settlement at Giza; Recent Excavation of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project. What caught my eye about it was the presenter’s name was Ana Tavares. [...]

Gaza sewage deaths

I read this news story today. What is sadest about it is, is that I met a gentleman here in Cairo that was working on sewage treatment projects in Gaza (and elsewhere in Palestine). Until Hammas won an election and all US based foreign aid was cut off. They had to abandon the project. Aint [...]

Egypt Today

For an enlightening read on Egyptian politics, take a look here.

The Citadel

The Citadel is a walled compound built on the hills on the outskirts of Cairo. It started out as a small pavilion built in the early 800′s. It was fortified and made into a fortress and royal city by Salah Al Din (aka “Saladin”) in the late 1700s 1100s [Thank you Kelley] More details and [...]

Lisa has arrived

She says “hi” to all our cow-orkers. She can’t WAIT to get back to work.

Differences between Qatar and Egypt.

( Travel )

Clean. They get rain there. And they have money. So buildings and cars are new and kept clean. No trash on the streets. Few Taxis Very few taxis, compared to Egypt. Much more money, most people own cars. We asked our hotel to call us a taxi and they said it would be a 30 [...]

Qatar MotoGP

Well, that was interesting. It is a nice track for the racers. The traction is good, the track is wide with good passing areas. A rather long straightaway. No elevation changes to speak of. Wind can be a problem at times. It is not a great track for spectators though. There are only 3 places [...]

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