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Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a desert area in Jordan. It is where Lawrence of Arabia lived/hid and built a following that he then led during the Arab Revolt. [The Arabs dispute many of Lawrence's later writings and the degree to which he claims to have been responsible for their success. Anyway...] It is a rather beautiful [...]

Petra By Night

We took the evening walk at Petra. You are allowed to walk from the entrance, through the Siq to the clearing that holds “The Treasury”. They lined the walk with hundres of luminaries. At The Treasury they had hundreds more luminaries, some beduoin musicians and they served tea. It was quite striking. I took some [...]

Petra by day

Putting up some shots I took at Petra over 2 days. I will have another post with a couple of Petra by candlelight photos. Text to follow. Insh’allah.


Sandstorm blowing through Cairo. The wind comes from the south and brings heat and sand. Lots of sand. These photos were taken around noon. That isn’t morning or late afternoon glow..

Phew. Back from Jordan

( Travel )

The ultra short version: Jordan really made me miss my motorcycle. LOTS of nice mountain roads. Everyone in Jordan complains about how crowded the country is. Coming from Egypt, it looks pretty spacious to me… Everyone in Jordan complains about the crazy traffic in Amman. We just laughed. Petra is truly fabulous. The work that [...]

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