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My waiter, the Egyptologist.

So, the Good Doctor and I were have dinner at one of the upscale restaurants in Zamalek. I had my hat with me. It is an “Australian Walking Hat”. It is a wide brim, ventalated hat. I am often hailed as “hey cowboy” here while wearing this hat. Etc. The waiter asked about the hat [...]

So, does she leave it on, you know, “all the time”?

( WTF )

This post deals with some, uh, indelicate issues. If you don’t want to read it, don’t.


The Good Doctor and I went over to a friends house to play darts the other evening. We were “subs” for some of the regulars who could not make it. There will be another post about the evening in general. This post is about the accents. There were a few people there with Boston accents. [...]

The Zebiba

Many Muslim Egyptian men have prayer bruises on their foreheads. Some of them are quite large and pronounced. I have spent some time looking at people as I sit in public places, and I have watched men pray. From what I know of physics and my observations of the topography of some men’s foreheads, I [...]

Is it hot in here….?

Somebody flipped the switch. First was sandstorm season. Most days it was very pleasant. Every now and then, the sand would get blown in off the desert and the temperature would soar into the 90s. Then it would drop back down. Then we had 2 or so weeks of very pleasant weather: mid 70s during [...]

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