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Brugge, Part Deux

[Edit: Photos from our time in Brugge available here.] After a very comfortable nights sleep and a filling breakfast at the B&B, I repeated to Kaddee that the day was her’s till about 4pm or so and we would do whatever she would like to do. She decided to do laundry . We spent an [...]

Brugge-ing out of Brussels, day 1.

( Travel andbeer )

So, we departed Brussels, and boarded a train for Brugge. We decided to work our way back to Brussels from the western end of the country. [Since we were relying on public transportation and only had about 10 days, we decided to stay in the main cities]. On the train to Brugge we were trying [...]

If this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium

( Travel andbeer )

After 3 full filled nights in Amsterdam, we boarded a train for Brussels. We were somewhat sad to leave Amsterdam, but eager to begin the “We’re here for the beer” tour in earnest. Thanks to Kaddee’s mom, we scored a place at the Brussels Marriott. This is way above what we would normally spend on [...]


( Travel andbeer )

We spent 3 days in Amsterdam. We stayed at mediocre hotel near the Amsterdam Zoo. It was extremely faded and worn hotel. When new, it was nothing special either, but it was clean and inexpensive by Amsterdam standards. It was conveniently located on a tram line (the #9 and #14) which allowed us to get [...]

Nie Swag.

( Travel andbeer )

Belgium has, arguably, some of the best beer in the world. Lots of small, and not-so-small breweries. But almost none of them have any logo-wear of any kind. Sure, they have glasses, and maybe coasters, but no caps, polo shirts, t-shirts or anything else. The really big places do, like Chimay. And I was able [...]

“We’re here for the beer” aka. 2 weeks in Belgium?

( Travel andbeer )

After a few days in Belgium, we came up with a slogan or title for our trip: We’re here for the beer. This came about because of the reaction that just about every single resident of Belgium had when we discussed our plans. It went, invariably, something like this: Belgian: So, how long are you [...]

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