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Vienna Photos

More photos getting pushed out of the queue.

Photos from the MotoGP weekend in Brno

Yeah, that was like 2 months ago. Here are some of the photos.

Where in the World are Jack and Kaddee?

A photo essay. The first and last are probably give aways.

Ramadan Kareem

(which roughly means “Happy Ramadan”) As has been written by any number of bloggers and others, Ramadan can be a stressful time. 12 hours or so of no food, no water, no caffeine, no sex, no nicotine (all those things that make like worth living) can make one irritable. There is a great deal of [...]

Ramadan II, this time it’s personal.

This is our 2nd Ramadan here in Egypt. However, it is new in some ways. Last year, when we arrived, Ramadan started about 3 weeks after we arrived. People talked about the crazy traffic and the tiredness of folks that made it difficult to get things done, and the noise at night. When we arrived [...]

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