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What is this “off the clock” of which you speak?

Working hours are long here in Cairo. It is completely normal to have a Doctor schedule an appointment at 9 or 10pm. That same Doctor will give you his mobile phone number and you can pretty much call it anytime you like. Lectures of visiting professors and other “people of interest” at the university and [...]

Some photos from Lebanon

In celebration of the fact that Lebanon has been without a president for a whole day and nothing has blown up yet, a small handful of photos of the places we visited.

My heart’s not in it.

I have some photos from our trip to Beirut that I wanted to post. And maybe talk a bit about our (too few) days there. But today, the president of Lebanon has called in the army to “keep the peace.” Today is supposed to be the last day of his term. But the parliament has [...]

“Fresh” Air

I was finally able to open the windows here in Cairo for the first time in several weeks. They have remained firmly shut until now for a couple of reasons: The weather has been unseasonably warm. It has been in the mid- to high- 90Fs lately. That is warm for Cairo for this time of [...]

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