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Speaking of sea shells

There is an article on the Discovery channel website about sea shells embedded in the stones of the Sphinx, pyramids and other monuments in Egypt I mentioned this in one of my recent posts when we were scrambling around the Sphinx. There is an hypothesis that the stones that built the pyramids (among other large [...]

Twixt the paws

For the last few weeks I have been spending some time doing some basic computer networking/repair/upgrade/de-virus-ing at the offices of one of the archaeological groups here in Cairo. The group is responsible for the Giza Plateau Mapping Project(opens in new window). The director of the project is Mark Lehner. The work isn’t particularly challenging, but [...]

I’m going to Memphis, Memphis….

About a month ago, we had the great privilege to attend a tour of Sakarra and Memphis with Dr Alain Zivie. Dr Zivie has been digging in Sakarra for a very long time. He has made many notable discoveries including a mummified lion and the tomb of the wetnurse to Tutankhamen and is featured in [...]

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