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Taming the lizard brain

The “lizard brain” is a term I use to describe the “old” part of the brain. The part that triggers the four “F”s of the limbic system fight flight feeding reproduction An example: Take a large human male, wrap him in neoprene, stick a big metal tank full of air on his back, slap a [...]

The grass is always greener

I, apparently, made a comment some time ago when someone asked me about how I enjoy living in Egypt and asked if I will miss it. My reply was I look forward to the time when I miss living in Egypt. Now this was really an off-the-cuff, throw-away kind of line. But my wife was [...]

A minor mystery solved


I have noticed, on several occasions a scene on the streets of Cairo, for which I had no explanation. [Well, ok. There are MANY scenes on the streets of Cairo for which I have no explanation. I am going to talk about just this one, for right now] The scene involves a man on bicycle. [...]

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