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Fulfilling a promise

(not one of mine) A Egyptian Coptic friend of ours invited us to attend the baptism of his son Bishoy. We were delighted. He told us he would pick us up in his car and drive with us to where the bus would pick us up. A bus? It turns out he had arranged a [...]

My face is all aglow…..

I am celebrating Ramadan by listening to Warren Zevon’s “Mohammed’s Radio” Makes me wanna rock and roll all night long…..

Back in Cairo.

Refreshed and exhausted (both?) from a month in Dahab. Spent the time working, diving, swimming, getting my Advanced Open Water ™ and Enriched Air Diver(tm) certifications. I brought all my CatalunyaGP/Barcelone/Rome photos with me to Dahab. Ya know, in case I had spare time to edit photos and put up a webpage. Snork. As you [...]

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