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Reservations? Ay da?

We are in the process of making arrangements to visit Asia for a couple weeks over Christmas/New Years holiday. Well, that is a popular time to travel. Especially for one of our destinations, Phuket. We are going to use that for a base for some diving. We are looking at a live aboard. So we [...]

The monkeys on the internets have nothing on these guys…..

We have always had a problem in this apartment with not getting hot water. We would have to let it run for 10 minutes or more before it got “hot”. And it never got HOT. By HOT, I mean hot enough that you have to turn on the cold water faucet to blend the water [...]


It is that time of year again when we have the windows open. It is cool enough to not need the air conditioning. The breezes from the north are refreshing. Some days, the windows still have to be closed because of the smell of burning fields in the distance. It carries a looongg way and [...]

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