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Happy Thanksgiving from Egypt

In one’s day to day life, it is easy for one (or at least this one) to bemoan the myriad slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Holiday’s like this are important touchstones to sit back and look at the big picture. As a dear departed friend once said: I am dry, warm and no one [...]

Kickin’ it.

I was reminded recently of jumping in a pile of leaves. This time of year, back where I grew up, was leaf kicking time. Didn’t matter how old I was, if there were leaves on the ground (in the gutter, on the sidewalk, in the park) I would have to walk through them and rustle [...]

Obama wins.

Congrats to Obama and all the people that made it happen. They worked hard and beat the odds. Nice work. A few months ago, I said that I thought that McCain was going to win. This was before the Palin pick. I was wrong. I am pleasantly surprised that I was wrong. And the democrats [...]


I hear some vague hints on the intertubes about some sort of election for “leader of the free world”. (and I have always wondered: how much of the world is free? and is it “free from ..” or “free of ..” and what is it free from/of, exactly?) But I had to dig for any [...]

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