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More fun with taxis! I go out to Giza 2 days a week. I do some volunteer computer-type-thingies for one of the Egyptology groups that work near the pyramids. From Zamalek, the easiest way to get there is by taxi. Getting a taxi to Giza is pretty easy. I flag down a taxi and tell [...]


This happened quite some time ago, but I can find no post about it, so …. I am in a taxi downtown, sitting shotgun. We are winding our way through Midan Tahrir on our way north. This is one of the larger cluster f*cks traffic wise in this area. We are dodging buses, mini-buses, micro-buses, [...]

Egypt has ruined my ability to spell.

My 4th grade teacher, Ms Mintz, would argue that I never could spell worth a darn (her words, not mine) but that is beside the point. To explain, you will often see signs in “english” around Cairo and around the country at large. Many of the menus have “english” on them. You will see road [...]

I hope I never need an ambulance

I was at a function somewhere recently ( I don’t remember where) when someone brought up the subject of If I need to get to the hospital, should I just get in a taxi or call an ambulance. I laughed and replied: Get in a taxi. It will get you there faster and it’s not [...]

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