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Bye Bye piggies

Swine flu paranoia strikes Cairo, Egypt. Pigs to be slaughtered. and Slaughtering has already started Yes there are pigs in Egypt. Many of them. They are usually raised by the Christian garbage recyclers. They are used to turn garbage into protein. The meat is available in some stores, butchers and restaurants. It isn’t the best [...]

Again with the 3 “S”es

( Packing )

About 3 years ago I posted this intro to our blog One of the topics in that blog is what I termed the 3 S’es. Sell Ship Store It involved every single god-damn thing in the house. It all had to fit in one of those 3 categories. Going home, it is “same-same, but different”: [...]

Redux: The beginning of Goodbye

About 3 years ago, I posted this It is happening again. We were in our favorite place in Egypt, Dahab last month. We were staying with our dear friends, Nina and Mikas, at their extremely cozy guest house, Dahab Coach House. We dive with Sinai Divers Backpackers and have loads of friends there: Pritesh, [...]

I like monkeys

We just got back from Zanzibar and I posted a couple of photos on my facebook page. Those monkeys crack me up.

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