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I am an idiot, or why rocks!

We are in day 2 of our 5 week trip. We purchased all the flights back in January. Cairo->Bangkok Bangkok->Chiang Mai Chiang Mai -> Hanoi (via Bangkok) Siem Reap->Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur->Manila Manila->Seattle (via Honolulu) We are gonna take 3 weeks to get from Hanoi to Siem Reap via ground transports We made hotel reservations [...]


I am sitting in Bangkok drinking a Tiger as I type this. In the depths of my “i really hate egypt” moods, I was convinced that I would not leave egypt alive. I was sure that Egypt would have one more surprise for me. Like my plane being hijacked, or crashing into the sea. I [...]

So I have some free time on my hands….

I added another count down timer till our lockdown is over. There has been some waffling on this date: “we will re-test everyone in 2 days and if there are no more cases we may lift the quarantine” But if they retest, and there are more positives….. I don’t really want to contemplate that… Update:  [...]

In Quarantine until June 15th

Well it is official: 5 students from Seton Hall have tested positive for H1N1. They look fine (they had them coralled in a corner with surgical masks on). The dorm is locked down till June 15th. That means no Dahab trip for us. It is going to be a loonnngg week.

Sittin in Stir

I know we probably sound like whiners: “Wah. I can’t go on vacation…” while some folks are sick and hospitalized. I would still bitch, but go along with the quarantine, if it actually does any good. But it doesn’t. Doctors from the Ministry of “Health” come and go freely, with no masks, no gloves, nada. [...]


So, here we are, still stuck in our little slice of heaven. Still no news from the Ministry of Health about when or if we will be released. There is now 15 hours until our plane leaves for Dahab. We are packed and our bags are by the door incase we get “permission” to leave [...]


2 residents of the AUC Dorm have been diagnosed with swine flu. The building is locked down by the Ministry of Health. No one can enter, no one can leave. We figured: “bah, nobody enforces any rules in Egypt, we should be able to just stroll on out, we’re FACULTY. They wouldn’t DARE stop us.” [...]

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