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Oh… Canada?

For the last three years, it has been interesting to tell people that asked (in Egypt and elsewhere we have traveled) that we are from the USA. We have received a lot of America good, Bush bad. And then Obama won and it was Obama good man, muslim! So that was fun. Now traveling, the [...]

In Socialist Viet Nam, post office mails you!

So we have purchased some stuff to take home. Tshirts, small wall textiles, and some clothes we had made in Hoi An. It was approx 7.5 kilos in weight. So we had a dialog with the nice folks at the front desk of our hotel: Is the post office open today? (it is saturday) Yes [...]

Half way home

We are about half way through our vacation. It has been a lot of fun and challenges. The challenges revolve around the weather. It has been very warm and humid. The heat we are used to. It is hotter on a regular basis in Cairo, but this humidity it a killer. The worst yet was [...]

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