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El Koshary

Stolen from another blog I read, Egypt’s version of “The Onion”. El Koshary


Tonight I get on a plane to NYC. This is the first time I have flown domestically in 3+ years. And it is the first flight since we arrived back in the US in July. …. that is 5 months since our last flight. In 3 years in Egypt I am pretty sure we never [...]

Fascinating vs Charming

A friend of ours states that the equation for a successful social gathering¬† involves the correct ratio of “fascinating” people to “charming” people. Fascinating people are the folks that have great stories and love to tell them. Charming people are the folks that listen, with pithy commentary such as “oooh. really?”, “that’s hilarious” and the [...]

MMMM Koshary

A blog I read, Living in Egypt, recently linked to a satirical news site in Egypt called El Koshary Today. Sort of an Egyptian “The Onion”. Most of it won’t really be amusing or enlightening unless you have spent time in Egypt. But it is a pretty good chuckle anyway. Man I would love a [...]

Will the last one out please turn out the lights..

We just heard that another set of friends from AUC are moving on up. They are relocating to Dubai. Another couple has moved to Oslo. Another couple has moved to Portland (OR). Another friend relocated to the SF Bay area. This is all since we left in August. Of our “cohort” (which is the group [...]

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