An ordinary day

Posted on Wednesday 28 March 2007

So today, I worked from the apartment as usual.

Then I hoofed over to Mohandaseen for a talk at the Egyptian Exploration Society held at the British Council entitled Old Kingdom Settlement at Giza; Recent Excavation of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project.

What caught my eye about it was the presenter’s name was Ana Tavares.

It was one of the better organized and more interesting (to a layman) talks I have been to since we have been here. (We usually attend 2 or 3 a month. We try for more, but.. There are so many every week. A sample listing. )

Anyway, the talk was about the worker village under excavation and their finding. Truly fascinating stuff.

After the lecture I walked about 5 minutes to the Cairo Jazz Club. Had a pizza and listened to a 4 piece classical and latin jazz band. They were one of those groups that really seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was a lot of fun.

Then headed home.

But we needed milk for coffee for tomorrow morning and we had a bunch of clothes at the makwagi ["ironing man". The old school makwagi uses a foot iron heated over hot coals. Our modern makwagi uses a plain old electric iron]

But it was after midnight. Well, malesh! [no problem]

Walk up the Corniche along the Nile, stop at the “supermarket” (open 24 hours) for a kilo of milk.

Then stop at the makwagi. He was still there pressing clothes (this is a VERY late night culture). Paid him the equivalent of US$3.85 and carried home two arm loads of freshly pressed linen clothes. [he apologized because his delivery boy had already gone home]

Just an ordinary day in Cairo.

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