The Beginning of GoodBye

Posted on Thursday 6 July 2006

A few weeks ago, we attended a large gathering at a friends home in Vancouver(the original one).
It is a yearly event that is held around the end of June. There is lots of food, drink and laughter.

The party is on a Saturday night. Sunday morning is spent lounging about drinking coffee and laughing with a few stragglers. We usually end up leaving around noon and drag ourselves back to Seattle. We are often reluctant to leave.

This year …this year it was harder to leave than usual. We realized that this was the last time we will see many of these people for 2 years, or more. No one spoke of this, but it was there.

Additionally, our friends that host the party will probably be moving in the 2 years that we are gone. We have been going to their home for parties 2 or 3 times per year for 9 years or so.

When we left on Sunday morning, we both realized that it was probably the last time we will visit them in this home.

No really, it was just dust in my eye.

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