Yeah, kinda like that…

Posted on Sunday 28 March 2010

A quote from a book I read recently titled:

The Sex Lives of Cannibals

“The foreigners one meets tend to live life in a vivid and eccentric sort of way, and when you listen to their tales of high adventure in the South Seas, you find that you are subsequently ruined from a conversational point of view, that you can no longer even pretend to be remotely interested in someone’s trip to the mall, or their thoughts about the stock market, or their opinions about the relative merit of a football player, and soon you will be branded as aloof, simply because once, on a faraway island, you heard some pretty good stories.”

3 Comments for 'Yeah, kinda like that…'

    March 29, 2010 | 6:44 am

    Except that you and kaddee are the people whose stories we’ve listened to. You’ve ruined us for everyone else! :-)


    Steve R.
    March 29, 2010 | 7:21 am

    Two comments:

    1) What if you’re aloof to start with?

    2) Over time, that impatience with the average convo fades as you’re subsumed back into the everyday world and you lose touch with the exotic people you met overseas. Did I tell you about my trip to Ballard Fred Meyer yet?

    (I read Sex Lives of Cannibals a few months ago. Great book!)

    Martin Golding
    April 24, 2010 | 4:41 pm

    Coming from here, Egypt was full of Wonders. If you went more places, you’d find more Wonders. You could, eventually, become surfeited, and care no more for wonders. Or you could realize that your there is their here and that the world is bloody damned FULL of Wonders.
    Then people would get annoyed because you looked so smug.

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