Posted on Wednesday 30 May 2012

I have been following the elections in Egypt semi-closely.

I have read 2 comments that gave me pause. I wanted to share them.

The first was from a friend of a friend. She was riding in a taxi. Apparently, it is very common to have a taxi driver ask
“Who are you voting for” during the ride.
This woman had, to her, a surprisingly in depth and intelligent conversation about the issues with the taxi driver.

The taxi driver could tell that she was surprised by his insights. He replied:

I maybe illiterate, but I am not stupid.

Another was a tweet from a woman working in a polling station. The woman was wearing a veil on her face. When asked which candidate she was casting her vote for, she replied: Sabahi.

The poller was surprised that the woman in the veil was not voting for one of the Islamist candidates and said so.

The woman replied:

The veil is upon my face, not my mind.

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