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The “corridor nod” is not acceptable here.

Anybody who has ever worked in the US knows what I mean by the corridor nod: You are walking down the hall and you see a coworker or acquaintance. You nod, maybe say “How’s it going” in passing. Neither of you break stride. That is unpossible here. At least with those attuned to the culture. [...]

Our next destination

( Travel )

Where are we headed? Longitude and Lattitude 25deg 29’15.60″N 51deg27’05.65″E Google Earth. Or Google Maps. We’ll send photos. And we promise no spoilers.

We’ve moved!

No big deal. We moved around the horseshoe from 904 to 901. The new apartment is larger, which is nice. But the real reason we moved was the noise. The bedroom in our old apartment, 904, abutted the elevator shaft. It was always noisy, but it has gotten much worse. We finally couldn’t take it [...]


( Travel )

As you can see from this post, we went to Luxor. This is the general area where Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings(including Tut’s tomb), Valley of the Queens, Nefertiti’s Tomb etc are located. We managed to do Luxor, Karnak, Valley of the Kings, and Hetshepsuts temple. All pretty spectacular items. We did [...]

Luxor Temple

We took the night train from Cairo to Luxor. I don’t really recommend the night train. It is more comfortable than the night train we once took from Barcelona to Madrid, but it is noisy and a little bit of a rough ride. We did not get a great nights sleep. But the one big [...]

Yard Sale and Auction and privilege (again)

We live in “the hostel”. It has a floor of classrooms for Adult/Continuing ed classes, 5 floors of dorm rooms for students and 4 floors of apartments for faculty. At the end of every semester, the housing department puts up signs for people to make donations of clothing, or housewares or whatever that people want [...]

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